Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Traveling in Style

Because we've been spending our summer working on house and yard projects, we haven't taken more than a few day trips. They've been fun, but a longer journey would be nice, too - something to actually get out the suitcases for! Maybe next year.
I've never been on a train, but in the 1930s, train travel was pretty common, as were ship voyages. Even a short trip was an event to dress up for, to look forward to, and to enjoy. This luggage ad shows some very nice pieces that one would be proud to travel with. From 'Your Thrift Guide Magazine', July, 1931.  

Suitcases and travel trunk from the 1930s.
Wardrobe trunk with sturdy hangers, and suitcase with silk lining.  


The Gladstone bag on the left is very similar to this vintage one I have. I don't think it's the same brand, since I can't see a name on it, but this type of bag probably had common features, no matter who manufactured it.

Vintage Gladstone bag

If you were going on a longer trip, this roomy, sturdy wardrobe trunk would have been ideal. It even includes a built-in ironing board! And it was insured, too.

These pieces seem to be very well made, and were probably mid range in price, since the magazine was directed at people who needed to get the most from their dollars, and couldn't afford top-of-the-line anything.  However, if you were still going to travel but had less to spend, here's another option from the same magazine.  
 I can picture a young woman heading off to college for the first time with such high hopes, having carefully saved up her hard-earned dollars. She's bought a presentable, value-priced suitcase, packed her small wardrobe, which she hoped would be correct, and been brought to the station by her proud, loving family. 
Ok, I admit it - I've read a lot of 1920s/1930s girls' novels. But travel can be exciting, and one thing is still true: you never know what wonderful things might happen. 

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