Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Pretty Summer Frocks To Sew, 1932

In the 1930s movies I've watched, the clothing was so attractive and feminine. I'm thinking especially of Myrna Loy in the 'Thin Man' movies, and Claudette Colbert with Clark Gable in 'It Happened One Night'.  Such lovely, elegant ladies. The natural waistline silhouettes were more flattering to all figures, it seems, than the straight, boyish, low-waisted dresses of just a few years earlier. These are fairly simple, but have enough details to be stylish.

Woman's Home Companion magazine (July, 1932) offered these patterns at a cost of 25¢ for the dresses, 15¢ for the children's clothes.

Summer dresses with belted waists, Woman's Home Companion, July, 1932

Fabric recommendations for summer dresses, July, 1932

Children's summer clothes,  and dress for mature woman

The children's clothing is cute, and looks easy to care for. I do like ironing, but thank goodness we've moved on from having to iron all the clothing for everyone in the family.   

The dress for the "woman after fifty" is very pretty, and would look good on younger women as well, I think. She looks as if she's on her way to a pleasant lunch with friends, and maybe a little shopping afterward, perhaps for a new hat.

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