Thursday, August 24, 2017

Our 1936 Wards Sideboard

A few years after we married, we were given this Art Deco style sideboard that had belonged to my husband's family. Because we didn't have room for it in our small house at that time, it was put into storage. Finally, though, we moved into a larger house with a dining room where we could enjoy not only the sideboard, but the vintage dining room table and chairs that had been passed on to us from other family members.

We never really knew how old it was until, at an antique show, I found a Wards Fall & Winter, 1936-1937 catalog. Browsing through it one day, voila! - there was our sideboard!  Well, close enough. The handles are different, and the wood grain veneer on the doors, but otherwise, everything about it is pretty much the same: the shape of the top edges, the grooves in the legs, etc. 

Our pretty Art Deco sideboard, c. 1936, from the Wards catalog

This single wall in our dining room is actually a darkish pumpkin color, more like the color along the right side of the picture. But in the afternoon sun, the wall takes on a brighter, more luminous color, so cheerful. In the fall and winter, when I light the candles, it makes the room seem warm and welcoming. I know a lot of people don't like orange, but it was an experiment that we ended up loving. Orange is supposed to help stimulate the appetite, too, so it's perfect for a dining room.

Sideboard from Wards catalog, Fall & Winter, 1936-1937
Dining room furniture from Wards catalog, Fall & Winter, 1936-1937
 We also have two of the side chairs, which are, unfortunately, in poor condition. I'd love to have the china cabinet as well.
It's been such a pleasure to have the sideboard to decorate for the seasons. Soon it'll be time to get out the autumn decorations - the perfect season for our pumpkin-colored dining room!

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