Saturday, August 26, 2017

Book Premiums Offered For Subscriptions, Needlecraft Magazine, 1932

It's fun to buy something and then find it later in one of my vintage magazines. My women's novel collection started many years ago, and I'm always on the lookout for interesting titles. When I saw this page of books offered as premiums if you submitted subscription orders to Needlecraft magazine, of course I had to check the shelves to see how many I had.  

Needlecraft magazine, August, 1932

These books are listed above, but I also have others by the same authors. When browsing bookshelves at thrift stores or book sales, it's easy to spot the ones from the teens through '30s because they're all the same size, and have similarly textured covers.
Some of the books are better than others, of course; better written, or with a more interesting story. But they're fun to read, and I can often get through one book in an afternoon. It's also an interesting way to learn about the language of the time, especially the slang phrases. One thing is constant though, whether it's 1919, 1932, or 2017: the stories of hope and love, struggle and success, are common to all people in all times. We're not really so different from our grandparents after all.

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